Strengthscope360™ + eModules

Strengthscope360™ + eModules

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Strengthscope360™ is for anyone who wants to get feedback from their colleagues on their performance as well as gaining insights into how to maximize their contribution at work.

Strengthscope360™ is a multi-rater profiler in the Strengthscope system incorporating co-worker/stakeholder feedback. This unique assessment enables up to fifteen co-workers or external stakeholders to provide brief and powerful feedback on how well the individual is using his/her strengths together with recommendations to strengthen their contribution.

The feedback report forms a basis for a strengths-focused feedback session, including:

  • Constructive feedback on the strengths of the person to help them to achieve their personal best at work
  • Comparative analysis showing differences between the person’s own views on how effectively they are using their strengths and those of their raters
  • Clear indication of the extent to which each strength should be used more or less to improve performance
  • Verbatim recommendations from co-workers/raters providing ideas for improving the person’s contribution at work

The learning eModules will be accessed via the StrengthsPortal®. Once you have completed your assessment, you will  receive your assessment via email and gain access to eModules on StrengthsPortal® which are uniquely tailored to your needs. These courses are intended to enable individuals to drive their own strengths development.